Born 'ungido' in Greece in 1980. I usually play tenor sax and electric bass, as well as any other instrument left close enough.
I started studying the electric bass in my neighbourhood's music school, which I abandonned quite soon, thanks to my teacher's advice, in order to start 'playing' music. The following week I was already in a band.
Since then I've participated in lots of bands and collectives and I've collaborated and shared stage with various musicians and non-musicians all around Greece, Scotland and Spain.
In 2007 I produced and promoted, alongside B.D.L., a compilation of spanish independent experimental music, creating the -at the moment inactive- If A Mys Records label.
During this same year, P.O., Helen, B.D.L., Th. and myself formed Fun With Nuns, with a peculiar perception on music and performance, mixing noise, impro, provocation and a total lack of interest on what "impro" and "playing correctly" meant. The group has since its 3rd concert been converted into a collective, and its members now divided between Greece, Germany & Spain still produce albums and projects aside. In 2010, we shared the stage with Damo Suzuki in his eternal tour around the world, where we talked about fish, smoking and how to avoid krautrock.
During 2011 and already in Málaga, I combined performance, concrete poetry, noise, impro and audiovisuals for a series of events called "Help. I Am Not An Artist", where I questioned the limits of my proper reasoning on what one decides to present in public.
After various attempts, recordings and concerts with a variety of musicians, I finally decide to start Skullfuck, a project I share with D. Vega, and which served as a platform for me to get in contact and start a collaboration with musicians I respect, such as A.L. Guillén, Marco Serrato and Borja Diaz, among others.
And finally, here I am starting my very own personal project of noise, impro and sweat that I hope to be able to present quite soon.


Fun With Nuns – "Touch It" (2007, Greece)
Fun With Nuns – "Fun With Nuns" (More Mars Team, 2010, Greece)
Akis Panos - "I Thought You Was Screaming” (2010, Greece)
Aki Po & Robert Lawson – s/t (tiny tapes 2013, Spain)
Mad Dame – varias grabaciones (2013, Spain)
Riogordo Freedom Orchestra – varias grabaciones (tiny tapes 2013, Spain)
The Trio – "At Casa Tia Muerta" (con Joel Knispel & Robert Lawson, 2013, Spain)
Skullfuck – “Catalogue of Horrors” (2015, Spain)
Orthodox - "Demonio del Mediodia" (Sentencia Records, 2015, Spain)
Orthodox (guest appearance) - "Axis" (Alone Records, 2015, Spain)
Skullfuck – “Day of the black sun” (Norwegianism Records, 2016, The Netherlands)
Achilles "Aki Pó" Polychronidis – "Annoy" (Gruppo Ungido, 2016, Spain)

Skullfuck - "Fireflies & Mosquitoes" (soon, UK)
Orthodox - ... (soon)
Achilles "Aki Pó" Polychronidis – "Chocolate & Love Songs" (soon)

and more music soon

*Works in Gruppo Ungido: