javier cabrera CARLOS SUERO

Artist born in Spain and with many years of career within the electronic experimentation and sound.
Worked with artists like Rafael Bonachela (Choreographer), Carla Busotil (Plastic artist), Chema Gómez (Film Director), Jesús Blanca (Writer), Koichi Okada (Sound artist), David Erissoma (Music composer), Ana Bejar (Song writer), Elena Juárez (Visual artist) etc, etc…
Some of his work have been release by record labels like: Luscinia, 7MNS Records, Seattle Dott, Escala, MuteSound Records, El Muelle Records, Electic Reactions, Atrocious Symphoneis, etc, etc…
He has played live shows at Japan (Tokyo Tour), UK (London Tour and residency), Rotterdam (Danse Theater Company), Germany (Berlin Tour), Spain (Madrid, Málaga, Zaragoza, Zamora, Cádiz…).


*Works in Gruppo Ungido:

-OU#29MU16  GODAFOSS-"Theia" (mayo 2016)