javier carmona
Drum­mer and per­cus­sion­ist from Madrid (now settled in Barcelona after seven years in London), Javier is very active in the Euro­pean  free impro­vi­sa­tion scene and has per­formed with musi­cians such as John Tchi­cai, Evan Parker, Car­los Zin­garo and John Rus­sell, among many oth­ erMem­ber of sev­eral for­ma­tions, Javier also col­lab­o­rates with dancers Rosa Aledo and Saija Lehtola in Kick­ing Louise & Co., a dance com­pany that has pre­sented work in France, Cyprus, Spain and England.

Orga­nizer of FIL Malaga, a festival of free improvised music including performances and workshops, Javier has also led stu­dent work­shops about free impro­vi­sa­tion in New­port Uni­ver­sity (with Kamil Korol­czuk), West­min­ster Uni­ver­sity (with Sakoto Fukuda) and Hud­der­s­field Uni­ver­sity (with Ingrid Laubrock and Olie Brice).

Co-founder along­side graphic designer and elec­tron­ics player Kamil Korol­czuk of Oso Records, a net­la­bel of free down­load­able music focused on releas­ing var­i­ous types of   experimental music.

2011-  Alexander Hawkins Ensemble:  ‘All There Ever Out’. (CD,Babel)

2011- Mark Hanslip- Javier Carmona: ‘DosAdos’ (CD. Babel)
2010- Rachel Musson’s Skein:  ‘Flight Line’  (CD, F-IRE Collective)
2010- London Improvisers Orchestra:  ‘Lio Leo Leon’ (CD, Psi)
2010-  Roland Ramanan Tentet:  ‘London’ (CD, Leo records)

2009-  Alexander Hawkins Ensemble:  ‘No Now Is So’. (CD, FMR)
2008- Ensemble Progresivo:  ‘Progressions’ (CD,EnsembleProgresivo)
2007- London Improvisers Orchestra:  ‘Improvisations for George Riste’ (CD, Psi)
2007-  London Improvisers Orchestra/Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra:  ‘Separately & Together” (CD, Emanem)
2006- John Russell:  ‘Analekta‘ (CD, Emanem)
2006- Alonso- Leahy- Carmona, Freedom of the City 2006 (CD, Emanem)
2005- Breuss-Arrizabalaga Quintet:  ’NFAMOUDOU-BOUDOUGOU’ (CD, Hazard Records)
2004- Breuss-Arrizabalaga Quintet:  ‘CONCERT FOR KOWALD’ (CD, Hazard Records)
2004- Grimorio:  ‘Mis Ácaros Favoritos’ (LP, Discos Alehop!)
2003- Akafree:  ‘La Visita de la Salamandra‘ (CD, Xingra)
1999- Pantasma:  ‘Directo en Rock Palace’ (EP, Discos Alehop!)
1999- Rag Cutter & FUC: ‘Paridohachazos’ (LP, Macking Fukc Music)
1998- Rag Cutter & FUC:  ‘Bomb Site’ (Double EP)

javier carmona


 *Works in Gruppo Ungido:

  -Arrizabalaga/Carmona /Guillén -"Menú"  (OU#4lst1)