sine die
OU#39MU23 STAHLFABRIK-"Sine Die" (dec 2018)

Third reference of Stahlfabrik in Gruppo Ungido. In its form: a sonic oceanic immersion that overwhelms, inside the electric temple, with a radically personal and  subjective resonances of millenary universal religious music. As well, a vital healing experience, with almost biographical power, of the healing qualities of electronic music in its most genuinely exploratory way. Limited edition in beautiful digipack.


essays cd
VÍCTOR VÁZQUEZ-"Essays in Idleness" (sep 2018)

First reference of Víctor Vázquez (Almayate, Clónicos, Polansky and the Ardor) in Gruppo Anointed, "Essays in Idleness" is a beautiful improvised tribute with acoustic guitar to Derek Bailey, unfinished trilogy in the incompletion of two sessions. Víctor's hands on the guitar, moving asymmetrically on the Silence canvas. "The incessant and spontaneous search of notes and harmonic clusters in the work of D.B. It also becomes a constant in almost all my pieces: That search implies, in my sound, the continuous game of an attack almost always dry and dull, sometimes hard, followed by the, sometimes, happy finding of an unexpected, subtle and a delicate wake of harmonics. " Limited edition of 15 double carmine CDs, beautifully presented including an edifying text by Victor on the gestation of this work in a fertile unfinished dialogue with the fourteenth-century Buddhist monk and poet Kenko Yoshida, and his work Tsurezuregusa. "It is not difficult to give up to the judgments. The hard way is to hold on to them. Surely you abandon them with pleasure now that you can observe their cost. Observe: All the ugliness that you see around you, as well as all the pain that you contemplate, is only the result of your judgments. All your loneliness and sense of loss derive from your judgments; the passage of time and the growing discouragement; the sick despair and the fear of death. And, now that you know that all these things have never had a reason to be; that not even one is true, since they were never but the effects of a mistaken perception, tell me: How difficult will it be for you to long for this alone? Only this will bring you peace. "(Essay 244)

   2CD limited edition

en reciuerdo cd
A.L. GUILLÉN-"En Recuerdo del Amado" (febrero 2018)

After "Solaz", "En Recuerdo del Amado" is the second part of the trilogy that A.L. Guillén is dedicating to explore relations between Sufism and Andalucía. What is "En Recuerdo del Amado"? In its form: a song cycle.  A musical enneagram : a  journey from the East to the West, from Damascus to Guadix, from the Sun to the Moon, from drunkenness to internal reflection. Beginning and ending  in the same melody. An intimate communion (today, always and for everyone), with the Sufi poets: Hafiz de Shiraz, Rumi of Bajl, Al-Ba 'Uniyya of Damascus, Maymum ad-Dukkali of the Middle Atlas, Al-Sustari of Guadix, Al-Harraq of Tetouan and Ibn-Arabi of Murcia. At last: the most brilliant collection of songs by Guillén, adorned with the musical talent of Pelayo Arrizabalaga, Sancho Campos and Juanjo Simón, and mastered by Gonzalo Lasheras and the magical graphic design of Mara B. Stones. "Rhythm, poetry, transcendence, love , tenderness, air, earth in heaven and heaven on earth: like drinking the last wine in

the garden of the Invisible" (Fernando Jaén)


al andalus cdVVAA-"Experiment-al-andalus" (dic 2017)
In collaboration with Endogamic label, "Exp-Al-Andalus" is a 2CD digipack  that compiles experimental music produced in Andalusia at the present time through 20 unreleased 4'33"" tracks , in the memory of John Cage , who glimpsed multiple visual and sonic simultaneity in his visit to Holy Week in Seville,  in the 30s. This compilation includes music by some consecrated musicians like Eduardo Polonio or Rafael Flores as well as a lo of  new music from actual vital andalusian scene. Text by Javier Piñango. Art by Dal Verme


lion CD
Sancho Campos-"The Lion and The Horse" (oct 2017)
"The Lion and the Horse" is the first work for Gruppo Ungido by drummer and
percussionist Sancho Campos. On this vertiginous journey through the
savanna, the timbrical richness of his sound runs drawing spirals of subtle
savagery, in fractal cauliflowers reporting time flexibly as 8 lives pass by 10 minutes of rich sound images.



pandara II
Antonio Murga and Friends-"La caja de Pandara vol 2" (jun 2016)
Second volume of this series of works co-edited with Endogamic label, collecting duo collaborations by Antonio Murga with an overwhelming number of fundamental musicians of the spanish experimental scene , as Francisco López, Jose Manuel Berenguer, Agustí Fernández, Anki Toner or Javier Carmona.. Everyone brings his personality to Murga´s polyphony .CD Digipack edition as well.


umber cdJuan Antonio Nieto and Metek-"Umber "(feb 2016)
"Umber" is the result of the collaboration between two key musicians in  european experimental music: spanish Juan Antonio Nieto and swedish Metek . An intense immersion in the shade of sound, where we experience its dark power and chthonic force .With textural exploration and abyssal mystery . Limited digipack CD.

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oxido dvd
Jazznoize /Tais Bielsa.-"Óxido" (dic 2015)
"Óxido"" is an experimental audio and video work that explores footprints of abandon Industrial mining on spanish desert landscapes. Echoes and shadows still cast on those places that were once centers of exploitation..Special DVD edition in a bag full of desert sand.

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aag Arrizabalaga/Alonso/Guillén-"AAG!!!"(abril 2015)
"Pelayo Arrizabalaga (sax), Jesús Alonso (drums), and A.L.Guillén (electric guitar) create an anarchist time, funny and joyful. A new time for a riot... to provoke random encounters, to meet the unknown, to excite feelings and induce listening.Listening. Always listening" (Josep Lluís Galiana). A great free improvisation session greatly recorded on studio, by a creative and peculiar trio, getting into a sonic place between rock, free jazz, noise, brazilian, contemporany.. unique. Special CD edition

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Antonio Murga and Friends-"La Caja de Pandara vol1"(sept 2015) First volume of this series of works co-edited with Endogamic label, collecting duo collaboration by Antonio Murga with an overwhelming number of fundamental musicians of the Spanish experimental scene as Javier Piñango , Avelino Saavedra, Juan Crek oVíctor Nubla , as well as a large group on members of Gruppo Ungido (AL Guillén , Dal Verme, Marredo , Stahlfabrik ) . Everyone brings his personality to Murga´s polyphony .CD Digipack edition.
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dv 1st cd
      Dal Verme-"21041914"(abril 2014)
      Special reedition of the first album by Dal Verme.
      Noise propositions with the power to get you out of time and space.
      Special Digipack CD edition.
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Stahlfabrik-"Ars" (mar 2015)
Second solo work by Stahlfabrik for Gruppo Ungido label. The beauty of dark water chaos. Chaos is Art, Art is Chaos.
Personal visions in kosmische music, from Almería (Spain).
Special CD edition.
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Dal Verme-"Guía Bacteriológica Ilustrada" (nov 2013)
    One bacteria. one little corrosive piece of noise,
    By the spanish noise master, Dal Verme.
    Maybe a contemporany classic on deep (non academic) noise.
    Cd Digipack edition.
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BASSE CDAntonio  Murga- "Bassectomy" (oct 2013)
Antonio Murga at his best humor: his complex, perverse avant-rock electronic face.
Cd edition.


MICRO CD Stahlfabrik-"Microfusión" (junio 2013)
First release by Stahlfabrik in Gruppo Ungido.
Dense , opressive  post-industrial trip.
Cd edition

Extreme trip trhought the desert of noise, with postindustrial allucinations.
Limited CD edition
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Almayate: "Freegiliana". (oct 2012)
First album from free-impro quintet Almayate, edited by spanish experimental netlabel Gruppo Ungido; with members of such important spanish experimental groups as Clonicos, Orgon or Alondra Satori; high influenced by New Thing, with wild noise and Brazilian elements. Limited Cd edicion.
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