francisco villalobos

Francisco Villalobos Santos (1981 Coin. Malaga), plastic artist, musician and researcher, Doctor of Fine Arts from the University of Granada. interdisciplinary creator who has led international projects, courses, seminars, series of performances, exhibitions, lectures, rituals, sound meditations and other experiences of self-knowledge. Suuuh´s pilot project co-founder, guitarist and composer of the Demiurgo group. Improviser and explorer of sound, plastic and verbal languages, conceived them as different ways of experience´s development. Here are some of his main publications: El viaje de fuego (2011), El Laboratorio (2011) y El aroma del claro (2013) all published by the García Agüera Foundation.

Francisco Villalobos  Santos






Grabado en Desolation Row entre junio y agosto de 2012