Jazznoize is a project by Sergio Sánchez (Murcia, Spain) which started with some cassette tape manipulation heavily influenced by Francisco López, Merzbow, Aube, John Duncan or Whitehouse. However, most of this early work is lost forever. Recent (since 2005) Jazznoize work has have evolved into subtler transformation of field recordings, audible manipulation, reality fragmentation and reassembly, all of it meant to be a(nother) blow agaist older art forms, much in the way the first generation of industrial musicians fought the existing musical industry.
Founder of Intonarrumori Asociation.

asociación intonarrumori

*Works in Gruppo Ungido

 -OU#25/26 lsd3 im1 JAZZNOIZE/TAIS BIELSA.-"Óxido" (dic 2015)



Grabado en Desolation Row entre junio y agosto de 2012