jesús alonso

Born in Almería, 1977, and trained in the school of life. Drummer in extreme grindcore band Aviso Mosca, remembered for their violent and drunken concerts. With Javier Corcobado he has recorded several albums and toured Europe and Mexico for years.
Founder with A. L. Guillen of  brutal free-noise rock trio  Les Rauchen Verboten; he also has collaborated on recordings  with Justo
Bagüeste and Sefronia . He has played drums on improvisation band Alondra Satori , and is a member of the rock groups Motel 3 and Leone.
He has performed and recorded with musicians like Fino Oyonarte,  Susana Cáncer, Javier Almendral Edgar Torres , Javier Arnal, , Gonzalo Lasheras, AL Guillén , and long etc.

*Works in Gruppo Ungido: