Influenced by the natural sounds from where he grew up Fredrik Nilsson aka METEK started to record his first experimental compositions in 1983 . In 1988 Fredrik got influenced by the musical genre known as industrial music and noise . The harshness in this genre but also the contrasts between joy and the harshness of life changed his ideas about what music really was.

A the start of the millenium Fredrik started his own label called Spelo Felo where he released other unknown artists from the underground experimental scene in Sweden . Today he is constantly producing music by himself and often have a lot of ongoing collaborations with other artistsin the field of avantgarde , noise and psychedelic music .

*Works in Gruppo Ungido:

-OU#27lsd4 JUAN ANTONIO NIETO&METEK-"Umber "(feb 2016)



Grabado en Desolation Row entre junio y agosto de 2012