antonio murga

Born in Sevilla, musician, poet, videoartist,critic, producer of "The Musicantropo" (experimental music radioshow, Radiópolis FM). He founded and directed groups like NOÏSTRON, Maldita Compa (NIA), Art Ensemble Off, The Curator's, Tres Mendigos and impro-Orchestra Entenguerengue, Batiscafo and Trance Hunters and  he generates their own work in more than a dozen cd's self-produced.
One of the  highlight in his career was winnning  RTVA Award for Andalusian Audiovisual Creation (2004) Pentálogo. He has performed at various experimental music festivals such as LEM, Sensxperiment, Contemporary Scene, Nits d'Aielo i Art, In Sonora, Intramuros, Contenedores. Founder of the label Endogamic.

*Works in Gruppo Ungido:

-Antonio Murga and Friends-"La caja de Pandara vol 2" (OU#30mu17)
-Antonio Murga amd Friends-"La Caja de Pandara vol 1" (OU#23mu12):
-Antonio Murga-"Stone Machine" (OU#19mu9) 
-Antonio Murga -"Bassectomy" (OU#11mu4)

 -Batiscafo-"Misterio Abisal, Almería"(OU#7oo1). 
-Batiscafo-"Marianas" (OU#5cu2)