sergio arbizu

Spanish bodhran player, he has released an experimental album in Gruppo Ungido , in collaboration with A.L. Guillén.
Shared sessions with irish musicians as Dereck Hickey, Desi Wilkinson, Rubén Bada, Ronan Ryan and Toni O’Connell, winner for two times of Limerick bodhran Competition,  he has collaborated with Supervivientes, Rodríguez Celtic Band, Shannon and Morrigane,   as well as he has teached in several bodharn and percussionworkshops.

*Works in Gruppo Ungido:

  -Arbizu/A.L. Guillén-"The Electric Bodhrán"(OU#14lsd2)
Nuestra invitación al viaje... la sopa de idiogramas, el monólogo de Molly Bloom, celebra nuestra cosecha como puente (e)Ulisino