victor vazquez

Also known as Víctor Polanski.
Spanish singer, guitar-player, post-punk-songwriter and teacher, born in 1956 in Asturias.
He founded in Madrid in 1981 the band Polanski y el Ardor, who won the second edition of the rock contest Villa de Madrid in 1982.Vázquez wrote and sung their biggest hit,  "Ataque preventivo de la URSS". He was member of  the firts line up of Clónicos, pionering experimental band in  Spain, with Markus Breuss and  Pelayo Arrizabalaga. Later he has developed free improvisation music , with solo and collaborative concerts and recordings, after discovering AMM music  and philosophy. He
became Buddhist.

*Works in Gruppo Ungido:


VÍCTOR VÁZQUEZ-"Essays in Idleness"( OU#38mu22)



Grabado en Desolation Row entre junio y agosto de 2012